Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A little history

So as a little background....we have been with an OB for a while and got referred to a RE (reproductive endocronologist) a few months ago after several months on clomid. I hated the new RE. We had 2 failed IUI's with him. Even his nurses got on my nerves. As a last resort and on the recommendation of a few other success stories I calles the ART fertility clinic in Birmingham. I got an appointment really quickly. I had a great first visit. They did more in the first 5 mins than the other RE did in 3 months!!!! I had such a good feeling when we left. I really felt/feel like this is an answered prayer. I just want to know that we are on the right path.
So now the game plan is to start injections in late March. I am really excited. One of the "side effects" of the injections however is multiples. I would LOVE to have twins but anything over that is really scary. I will take whatever God gives me. I know he is in control!!! Jason is scared we are going to have a litter! :) I hope that does not happen but whatever does happen will be for the Glory of God!!