Friday, May 29, 2009


I have finally gotten some new pictures uploaded. I am going to try to take a new belly picture this weekend but I did get some of the most recent ones up. Here is the link to all the belly pics.

Also here is a picture of the bassinet (Thanks Ann!!!) and the travel system.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

35 weeks

Things have been crazy lately....

I had a dr's appointment scheduled for 1:00 today but I was not really feeling well this morning so I decided to go in early. Everything went good except that I didn't get to see me regular OB (he was in surgery). The bad feeling I had this morning was due to my blood pressure they think. It was 90/69. I thought it was my iron but they said that was fine. They did not really give me any explanation for my blood pressure but said to drink lots of fluids. The u/s tech was not there today for some reason so we have to wait until next week for the u/s. He did do a cervix check since I have been having a lot of pelvic pain and pressure. Jackson is head down and I am fingertip dilated, -1 station and 75% effaced. I don't think we are going to make it until July.

On the crib thing, I called yesterday to see if it was in b/c 2 weeks ago they told me it would be in no more than 2 weeks. (Note - I am not upset with the place I ordered the furniture from but rather with the company that makes/ships the furniture - Munire) So of course its not there. She says she has a truck coming on Tuesday and it might be on that one. I asked her to call the company (Munire) and check on it since I have been waiting since Feb. She called me back and for some reason Munire has pushed my crib back to the middle of July!!!!! She was so mad but I was almost in tears! She told me that she can get me this other style crib in the same suit as what I ordered or she can give me my money back and we can try to find it somewhere else.

I did not like the other crib choice but I called her back and asked when it would be in if we decided to get it, middle of June! I said that would just not work as he might be here by then and I want a crib before he arrives. I have the bassinet but I still want the nursery finished. So we started calling tons of other baby stores within a 4 state radius to see if anyone had it in stock. Of course they don't. However, there is a place in Birmingham (Storkland) that has it on display on the floor. I spoke with them today and they are going to sell it to me off of the floor. I kinda hate to do that since lots of people have touched it and stuff but I really don't have another choice. If I pick another crib that is not part of this suit then it won't match everything else in the room. So anyway, we will pick up the crib on Saturday.

Other than that, work has been crazy since we are short one person already and everyone is in a panic about when I am out for 8 weeks. We also have VBS at church in 2 weeks and I am in charge of the music/choir and I am kinda freaking out that Jackson could arrive before or during that time. I have lots of help but still. I also found out that I have an insurance co-pay/deductible due to the hospital every time I go in for the NST (which is once a week). It can be up to $175 each time. So far we are up to almost $500. We are kinda freaking out about that but luckily the hospital will do a payment plan with us. That was totally unexpected!

I have my last baby shower on Sunday at church. I am very excited about that. We have already purchased the travel system (stroller/car seat combo). After this shower we will be making a trip to Babies R us I am sure to fill in the gaps of stuff we are missing. I have the bags all packed up for the hospital now too. We are getting ready but Jackson needs to stay put for a few more weeks.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Interesting night

I went to the hospital after work yesterday for my weekly NST (non-stress test). I was supposed to be for today but since I was not feeling him move much yesterday I went ahead. When I was walking across the parking lot in the hospital I noticed that my tummy just felt “not right.” It was kind of tight and just not like I had felt before. So I told the L&D (Labor and Delivery) nurse what I was there for and the tightness and they put me in a room and hooked me up. We got his heartbeat right away and he almost instantly started kicking at the Doppler thing. One nurse stayed in the room with me getting all my info and stuff while the other one went back out to monitor the reading. She came back in a little bit later with a big cup of water and said that I was having some “irritability.” I was not real sure what that meant but I drank the water. Come to find out it meant contractions. They just weren’t like super strong or regular.

We also had to do a urine test and a cervix check. She said I was maybe a fingertip dilated but still very thick and high so they were not concerned. I had to stay out there for 3 hours, I also got a bag of fluids and 2 more cervix checks. I did not dilate any more and the “irritability” mostly went away. I did start spotting due to all the cervix checks and me being on the heparin. They told me to be on pelvic rest (due to the spotting which has since stopped) until I go back to the OB next week and to come back if I start having contractions.

Jackson has been much more active today. Not so much kicks but lots of rolling and flipping. I think he is running out of room for sure. I can also tell that I am really beginning to get uncomfortable. I don’t know that I will make it a full 7 weeks but hopefully I can at least make it to 37 weeks. Only God knows for sure.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I do not really consider it my first but partial first. I feel like a Mother and pretty much consider myself one at this point but still not my "first" Mother's Day. Anyway, Jason was so sweet. He got me a card that sings, 2 disney movies on dvd (Jungle Book and Pinnochio), a spoon rest that I had been wanting, a wall hanger for Jackson's room, and pj's and slippers for the hospital stay. I was so surprised! I thought I would probably get a card but that would be it. I have the best husband in the world and he is going to make the best daddy!! (I am not so secretly hoping that Jackson will make his appearance in time for Jason's first father's day this year)

Also, I went to the dr on Friday. Everything is going good. I had lost one pound and got scolded pretty bad for that. I am not sure how I can loose weight eating all the stuff I have been lately. I also asked Dr. Daniel how big he thought that Jackson was at this point (32 weeks exactly). After feeling my belly he said he felt a little big and wanted an u/s to check fetal weight. *****Drum Roll Please******* Jackson weighed in at 4lbs 7oz!!!! He said that was pretty much right on track just a tad over average. He also said that he should put on "at least" a half pound a week until he is born. With eight week to go that puts him at a minimum of 8lbs 7oz at birth if I got to 40 weeks! He said that he would check it again later and that if it was looking like a 10lb baby we would need a c-section. I hope we don't get to that point!!! Hopefully if he is getting that big he will induce a little early.

Otherwise, everything is still good. I can tell that Jackson is beginning to run out of room in there though. He now has the ability to kick all over at the same time and sometimes it hurts!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Behind Again

So I realized that I have not posted anything in quite sometime and I have had a lot going on. Where to start?

Well, last Friday (May 1st) I fell taking Bogey to Petsmart to get a hair cut. I tripped over the slopped handicap curb. I landed on my knees, hands, and chest. I do not think I hit my belly at all but I was not taking any chances. I headed to Dr. Daniel's office to get everything checked. After an internal exam, ultrasound, blood work, and Non-stress test (NST) at the hospital, everything was fine. Jackson, however, did NOT like the NST. He tried for the entire 45 mins I was hooked up to kick the stuff off my belly. After she took it off, he did not move again for nearly an hour. I think he was worn out!

Saturday, (May 2nd) was my 1st Baby Shower at Chris and Brandy's house. It was so much fun and we got lost of stuff we will need with Jackson gets here. Best of all was that I got my breat pump. I have been trying for a week to get the pictures up but I have just been tired!

Wednesday, (May 6th) I went back to Labor and Delivery (L&D) for another NST. I have to have the weekly until he arrives just due to my past history and such. The test went fine however being in the actuall L&D room kinda freaked me out. I have been assured that this is a normaly reaction when actually start thinking about the delivery. I guess you mind just kinda blocks those thoughts out. Like maybe I'm just going to be pregnanat forever. Hopefully the Baby Bootcamp Birthing Class with help with that. We have it scheduled for May 16th.

Today I have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Daniel from the fall and I guees just a routine check-up. I am still measuring right where I should be and weight gain is perfect.

Here a few pics from this past weekend. I will get the link out when I get them all online.

Here is me holding the door hanger that Brandy made for Jackson when he is born to hang at the hospital. It is beautiful!! (Thanks again Brandy!)

Jason and I the day after the shower.

31 week belly pic

Shower Cake (it tasted as good as it looked!)

Here I am in Jackson's room going through all the presents from the shower and tring to get things put away. Thanks again for all the great gifts!!!