Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Moving on

On Friday, April 18th I had a D&C done at Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham. I was tired of waiting on the miscarriage (m/c) to happen. I went to the dr's on Wednesday (the 16th) and had all my bloodwork done and another u/s. The sack was still intact and my HCg level was still around 1600. If I had waited to have a natural m/c it would have been at least another week or two. So I am glad it is over with and now we can move on.
We are doing pretty good. This m/c was not nearly as bad as the first one. Hopefully this one will be our last. I go back to the dr in May to move on with the program. Next step is fertility shots.
I am just very thankful that God is in control of this whole situation and he already knows the outcome. That gives me such peace!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Does it look like me?

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here we go again...

So as quick as it began so it will end. We had another dr. appointment yesterday. Had an ultrasound and saw the sack. We should have been able to see more since I was just over 6 weeks. I also had blood work done. It was really starting to sink in that this was going to work and we were going to have a baby. The Dr. called today and said the news was not good. My beta level which should be over 10,000 was only 1500. My progesterone level had also dropped again which should not happen since I am on extra progesterone. She said all the numbers plus the ultrasound told her that the pregnancy was not going to survive. I am now to stop all the meds and let nature take its course. I have peace knowing that God is in total control of the situation but it does not make the pain any less. Please pray for us as we continue the journey.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm going to be a Mommy!

Following up from my last post. We went to the Re on Wednesday and had some b/w (blood work) done and an u/s (ultrasound). Of course we could not see anything on the u/s. It is still way to early. I was only 4 weeks at that point. They said everything looked good and my beta hcg level was 95. (it was 58 the day before - it should double every 48 hours) They put me on heparin injections and progesterone. I have a mild clotting disorder that will never affect me but could cause small clots in the lining or placenta that would be very harmful to the baby. So Heparin injections 2 times a day in the belly. (My stomach is so bruised!!)

We had more blood work done on Friday (March 29th) and the beta level was 210. Everything seems good so far.

Our next appointment was on Tuesday, April 1st. We had another u/s. The tech thought we were farther along that I actually am so she was freaking out that she could not see anything. Once she realized that I was not that far yet (I was only 5 weeks and she thought I was 6 weeks) she said "oh, we are not really supposed to see anything yet." So, we had more b/w. The beta levels now were 892!!! It is really starting to sink in!!!

We pretty much told everyone after that appointment. We go back on Wednesday, April 9th. By then we should be able to see the baby and see how many there are!!

Can it be true??

So finally after over 2 1/2 years of trying to have a baby we are finally pregnant again. It still does not seem real. This was a non-medicated cycle. I was getting ready to start the follistim shots next round. I had already called the Re (reproductive specialist) and asked for the meds to make me start since I was sure that since I was not on anything that I would not start on my own. I was still checking my temp every day. I was pretty sure that I did not even ovulate this month but the chart I was puttin my temps on said I did. I was really anxious to get started on the shots but I finally decided to wait until my chart said 14 days past my Ovulation date.

Day 14 arrives (Tuesday and Mom's birthday) and my temp, instead of dropping like it always has in the past on day 14, went up!!! I was very confused since I really thought I did not even ovulate. Well, there was only one way to find out, home pregnancy test.

I take the test and as I am finishing up I notice what appears to be a faint line. I can't really believe it. I am rubbing my eyes trying to focus to see if it is really there or I am just seeing things. At this point I need a second opinion. Jason was in the shower. I go to his bathroom and shove the stick in the shower and ask if he sees anything. He see the line too.

I am not getting too excited yet since I know it could be nothing. We call a friend that is a pathologist and ask if he can do a blood test to make sure. At 9:00 I go get the blood drwan and at 11:30 he calls and confims that we are pregnant!!!!

Here are the sticks that I took over the next few days. I already had them in the house and I really like seeing it turn positive. We called both the moms and told them but made swore them to secrecy.

We put in a call to the Re to let them know we were pregnant and to start me on the medicine needed to help me stay pregnant. We met with them on Wednesday for a consult and more blood work.